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You can either browse all our Cherry trees or narrow your search by going to a more specific section or using the filters. Please note we also stock a range of fruiting cherry trees. A tough family, Cherry Blossom trees will grow in many soils and positions, even in slow draining clay soil as this species actually prefers a consistently moist soil. Just plant in an area away from strong winds to protect the blossom and maximise their display.

We recommend planting Cherry trees with an organic fertiliser and using a stake and rabbit guard to protect the tree and ensure it establishes into a strong and healthy specimen. Cherry Blossom trees are part of the genus Prunus which is a large group of around species that covers various ornamental and fruiting trees. The Japanese have a centuries old tradition of picnicking under blossoming Cherry trees to enjoy the beauty whilst it lasts for a few weeks each year.

It was originally reserved for the elite persons within society, but was later opened up to everybody. All Common Names: Japanese flowering cherry. Family English : Rose.

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Family Botanic : Rosaceae. Planting Site: Residential and parks, Under utility lines. Tree or Plant Type: Tree. Foliage: Deciduous seasonally loses leaves. Native Locale: Non-native. Landscape Uses: Specimen, Utility. Size Range: Small tree feet. Mature Height: feet. Mature Width: feet.

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Light Exposure: Full sun 6 hrs direct light daily. Hardiness Zones: Zone 5 Chicago , Zone 6. Soil Preference: Moist, well-drained soil. Tolerances: Alkaline soil. Acid Soils: Tolerant.

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Alkaline Soils: Moderately Tolerant. Salt Spray: Tolerant. The fuchsia flower is also known as the Taiwan cherry, bellflower cherry, or the Formosan cherry. When do Kanhizakura cherry blossoms bloom in Tokyo? These are some of the earliest blooming sakura, with some opening as early as January. The name of this flower translates to "chrysanthemum cherry blossom" due to its resemblance to Japan's beloved Kiku chrysanthemum flower. Kikuzakura can be recognized by their pom-pom appearance, surrounded by large leaves. Each sakura blossom has anywhere from 80 to soft pink petals.

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  • When do Kikuzakura cherry blossoms bloom in Tokyo? This variety blooms relatively late in the season ; blossoms can be seen in the Tokyo area sometimes up to early May. While the color of sakura typically falls somewhere along the spectrum of whites and pinks, Ukon sakura, with its yellow-hued blossoms, is the exception to the rule. In Japanese, 'ukon' is the word for turmeric, the spice that gives Indian curry its yellow color and is also widely used in Japan as a hangover prevention remedy.

    Due to a strong resemblance, these curry -colored flowers also became known by the same name. This is another yaezakura double-blossom variety, with petals usually numbering between 15 to 20 per flower. When do Ukon cherry blossoms bloom in Tokyo? It blooms roughly the same time as the Ichiyou, usually mid-April in Tokyo.

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    The name of this unusual sakura flower has an even more unusual origin: In Japanese, the literal translation of fugenzou is 'Samantabhadra elephant. The people of the Muromachi Period to believed the pistils of Fugenzou sakura to resemble the image.

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    This sakura blossom can be characterized by its incredible number of petals sometimes as many as 40 per blossom , as well as its jagged leaves. The color is mainly pink, with a tinge of red. When do Fugenzou cherry blossoms bloom in Tokyo? Fugenzou is another late-blooming sakura, typically reaching its peak in mid to late April in Tokyo. How Safe is Japan for Tourists? Date published: 27 March What color are Japanese sakura flowers?

    Somei Yoshino. Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast.

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